The Mission of the volunteer center is to engage volunteers to help people who need it.


Who is a volunteer?

A volunteer is a person who in his spare time without financial reward is giving their knowledge, skills and energy to benefit the people who need it. The volunteer may be any person over 15 years old, regardless of education or employment. The volunteer has the right to choose activity, duration and frequency of meetings. A volunteer does not replace the work of the staff, but is the companion and guide.

Volunteering brings not only help to others, but it is also an enrichment for the volunteers. This way they can get new friends, contacts, experience, spend your free time usefully, to appear in each new creative potential.

What is the task of the Volunteer Center?

To convey a gathering of people who want to help and those who need assistance. Create the conditions for it to be volunteering with us.

What our volunteers do we offer?

· Information and advice for those interested in volunteering.

· Mediation offers volunteer activities in several areas.

· Induction and initial supervision of the startups of volunteers.

· Regular group supervision under the guidance of qualified supervisors.

· The insurance volunteers against personal injury and damage.

· Reimbursement of expenses associated with the power of volunteering.

· Contract on execution of volunteering.

· Confirmation of volunteering.

· Support of contact persons in each of the beneficiary organizations.

· Publication in the regional media.

· Educational events, trips, excursions, meetings, etc.

· The possibility of realization of your own ideas.

From the volunteer centre in the region of Pelhřimov – here with foreign volunteers involved.

Where can you help? The Center for the disabled of the Vysočina region, Pelhřimov

· We offer socio-legal advice, specific advice, organizes activities for its clients

· The destination group: people with disabilities Asylum Give pac!

· The family-run asylum for abandoned dogs, situated in the small village of Častonín.

· Activities: assistance with live walking dogs, help with ensuring the running of the asylum Home Dried

· Sheltered housing, day care center, a home for people with disabilities, the home of the special regime, socio-therapeutic workshop

· Target group: people with intellectual disabilities and behavioral disorders, persons with autism Home for the elderly in Pelhřimov

· Home for the elderly, in-home care services

· Target group: seniors The FOCUS Of The Vysočina

· Community team, sheltered housing, employment support team

· Target group: people with mental illness H-HOUR

· Target group: children and youth, young people with fewer opportunities, seniors Regional charity Pelhřimov

· Home care in families, civil clinic, wardrobe, Centre for family, personal assistance

· Target group: seniors, adult citizens, children Městská knihovna Pelhřimov

· Action: single action, delivery of books, care of collections, help with the Organization of exhibitions Environmental Education Center

· Activities: the creation and preparation of documents for new tutorials, production equipment, assistance in organizing events, maintenance of the protected meadows, working with the public Hospital in Pelhřimov, p.o.

· Department for long-term patients

· Children's Department Foster family of the Vysočina region

· Organization joining and supporting families who are willing to adopt children who have not had the luck to live in your life in your own family.

· Activity: completing the free time of children during meetings of families Family Center Natalie

· Center for mothers with children on maternity leave.

· Activity: completing the free time of children, Narrator Association of the deaf and hard of hearing

· Target group: deaf and hard of hearing people A United Organization of blind and visually impaired of the CZECH REPUBLIC, the regional branch of Pelhřimov

· Target group: blind and low-vision people Green heart

· Protection of nature and monuments. Bell

· Target group: people with disabilities Home of the blessed Bronislavy (Ogden)

· Target group: seniors Home for the elderly in Humpolec

· Target group: seniors Knihovna Humpolec

· Action: single action, delivery of books, přečítání, care of collections Medou of s.

· Target group: people with telesným, mental or multiple disabilities Vysočina event hospital, s.r.o.

· LDN Ogden elementary school

· Activities: activities for pupils Parish charity, Kamenice nad Lipou

· Target group: seniors

How can a foreign volunteer involve?

European volunteers are involved in activities of the Vysočina and FOCUS other cooperating organisations. For the clients of organised leisure activities, lectures about their country, work on the graphics and promotional activities and engaging events. Volunteers can lead Creative Club in a rest home in Humpolec and drama CSD Medou and traditionally involved in the baking gingerbread cookies with the patients of the hospital in Pelhřimov.

Contact: If you want to become a volunteer, come join us! If you are interested in volunteering please fill out questionnaire for the lead, or contact us by phone or email:

The FOCUS of the Vysočina, z.u. Volunteer centre in the region Pelhřimov, Vlaďka Brávková - Volunteer Coordinator, e-mail:, phone: + 420 606 029 727, Volunteer Centre is also on Facebook -visit us!


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